Planetary Copernican Delamarche


Armillary sphere Delamarche
This armillary planetarium is constructed from wood, covered by
engraved paper. A wooden Sun is in the centre, surrounded by
representations of 10 planets, which are discs of card with engraved
paper pasted to them, supported on metal brackets. They include
minor planets, and consist of Venus, Earth, Mars, Vesta, Juno, Ceres,
Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, although the discs for
Earth and Venus. There is a geared system to represent the motions of
the Earth. The planetarium is surrounded by a celestial sphere, the
main axis being the eliptic, and the whole is supported by a turned
wooden base.The dating is given as the period between the discovery
of Vesta in 1807 and the discovery of Nepture in 1846.

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