Culpeper type microscope by Matthew Loft


This is Culpeper tripod microscope made by Matthew Loft (1697–1747) of London.

The stage is triangular in shape and has a keyhole shaped slot for accessories such as a fish plate. Samples are fixed to the stage using a Bonanni spring stage, a holder for glass phials, and two curved spring clips underneath the stage also for glass phials. The microscope body consists of a cardboard draw tube covered in green vellum with gold-tooled lines and focus position numbers. At the top of the tube is a wooden collar that supports the field lens, and distal to that is a turned wooden eyelens tube. Capping this piece is a brass sliding dust cover. Below the draw tube is the objective snout made from turned wood. The wood of all three pieces is Lignum vitae. During focusing the microscope body slides within an outer cardboard tube covered in mottled black and white shagreen (dyed ray skin).

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