Terrestrial floor globe John Cary (London)1804

Floor-globe-terrestrial-Cary- 1804

Terrestrial floor globe John Cary (London)dated 1804.
A handsome full-sized terrestrial floor globe by J. & W. Cary, the greatest British globe makers of the late Georgian period. Raised on a traditional style English late Georgian mahogany stand.

The celebrated Cary family of cartographers and globe makers produced some of the greatest late Georgian globes. The firm was started in the late 18th Century by John Cary, who often worked in partnership with his brother William Cary, a scientific instrument maker. The Cary brothers moved their business to 86 St. James’s Street in about 1820, leaving the premises at 181 Strand to John Cary’s sons George (c. 1788-1859) and John Jr. (1791 – 1852). They produced a variety of globes under the name G. & J. Cary from 1821 to about 1850. In 1850, George Frederick Cruchley, a map seller, took over a portion of the Cary business and produced maps and globes from 1850 to about 1876.

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