An Reflecting telescope signed W & S Jones Late 18th Century
The 61,5 cm body-tube is mounted two bars attached via a pair of screws on either side and tilting
between two curved A-frames supports.
The right-hand side has a vertical half-circle with a racked edge, adjustable via a mahogany
adjustment handle.
The A-frames are on a flat brass platform beneath with is a horizontal circle with a racked edge for
adjustment via a second handle.
This is raised on a tapering brass column to a circular platform with three folding unswept legs,
terminating in scroll feet.
The telescope has a primary and secondary speculum mirrors, dust caps, screw and focusing, star
finder and eyepiece extension tube.
46 cm hight.
The brass reflecting telescope is in very good condition.
W & S Jones,30 Holborn in London.