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Universal equinoctial ring dial, astronomical compendium, horizontal dial, perpetual calendar, astrolabe, sundial, cannon dial, quadrant, hour glass, telescope, microscope, antique globes, celestial globe, terrestrial globe, celestial armillary sphere, pocket globe, terrestrial and celestial library globes, planetaria, astronomy, sextant, octant, nautical chronometer, Davi's quadrant, Gunter's quadrant, instrument case, dividers, survey set, compass…
Mathematical, astronomical, surveying and miscellaneous instruments. Also have antique medical surgical, optical and dental instruments.
Carefully chosen collection of early european scientific instruments to collectors.

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The collection of early scientific and nautical instruments contains objects from antiquity to the early 20th century.
Our collection contains a wide range of scientific instruments such as antique terrestrial and celestial globes, armillary spheres, antique globes, planetaria, quadrants, astrolabes, sundials, hourglass, early mathematical instruments (astronomy, navigation, surveying ans drawing), optical instruments (microscopes, telescopes) and medical instruments.
A selection of early instruments made by the most importants instruments makers from the seventeenth, eighteenth ans nineteenth century in Europe : Butterfield, Chevallier, Dollond, George Adams, Benjamin Martin, Karner, Newton, Delamarche, Nairne & Blunt, Maquart, Christopher Schissler… All instruments for time measurement.
Specialist in antique scientific and nautical instruments since more 35 years.
All early instruments are sold with certificates of authenticity.
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