Antique scientific and nautical instruments
G-H Bruguière de Gorgot

Globe-Antique is specialised in exclusive and selected antique scientific and nautical instruments, dating from between the 17th and the 19th Century.

We have a vast collection of antique globes, including terrestrial and celestial globes, pocket globes, armillary spheres, planetaria and orreries.
Our wide variety of globes are signed by prestigious globe makers: Blaeu, Hondius, Doppelmayr, Coronelli, Moll, Cary, Malby, Newton, Cruchley, Delamarche, Dien.

We also stock some of the finest scientific instruments : microscopes, sundials, telescopes, backstaffs, sextants, octants, sand timer hourglasses and drawing and calculating instruments.
In our collection we count with the most emblematic makers: Bion, Butterfield, Le Maire, Bloud, Langlois, Paris, Baradelle, Navarre, Jones, Newton, Nairne, etc.

Our site shows just a limited selection of our antique instruments for sale. If you are looking for any specific scientific instruments, PLEASE CONTACT US.

With more than 39 years of experience in antique scientific and nautical instruments, we advise and supply private collections and international science museums.