Rare Navigation traverse board

Maritime navigation instrument name Navigator’s traverse board.



Rare Navigation traverse board signed Debrousses a Brest Dated 1830.

Maritime navigation instrument called Navigator’s traverse board.
The traverse board was used to approximate the course run by a ship during a watch. It consisted of a circular piece of wood on which the compass points had been painted. Eight small holes were evenly spaced along the radius to each point, and eight small pegs were attached with string to the center of the board.

In addition,The paddle shaped board is mounted with a brass plate pierced with navigation holes for pegs.

There is 64 Point compass rose ,with eight holes for each direction, corresponding to every half-hour at the each.

The principal directions are marked N, S, E,O.

This rare navigation  traverse board is a navigation tool used by sailors to determine their position at sea. The holes and pegs allowed them to plot their course and track their progress.

The compass rose would help them determine their heading and the scale labels would allow them to measure distances and plot their course on a chart.

The fact that it is signed by Debrousses from Brest, France and dated 1830 makes it even more special.

Brest was a major port and shipbuilding center in the 19th century .

The name Debrousses is a well-known maritime family in France.

So the board could have a connection to the rich maritime history of the region.

In conclusion, it is likely that this traverse board would be of great interest to collectors of nautical antiques and maritime history enthusiasts.

See the back cover of the dust jacket of Jean ‘s Randier  L’instrument de marine.

This maritime navigation instrument is very rare on the market and very difficult to find.

Backstaff or Davis Quadrant 18th Century