An interesting Nuremberg diptych sundial Signed LEONHART MILLER and dated 1652.
Left 1 pin gnomon dial for length of days numbered 8-16 and zodiac symbols , with surface at center.
Left 2-A horizontal dial 5-12-7 ,pin gnomon dial for Babylonian and Italian hours, well decorate with stars , moon and sun.
Left 2-B Lunar volvelle with stamped disc.



ivory diptych sundial  MILLER Leonhart and dated 1652.
Leaf 1a of this rectangular ivory diptych sundial has a wind rose (sun-face motif) with sixteen points labeled in German. .

A foliate decoration extends around the rose and a metal protrusion is at each corner. A small circle near the hinge shows the north point in compass in leaf below. The pin for a hook which holds the diptych open also is missing.

Leaf 1b contains a pin gnomon and dial labeled “QUANTITAS DIEI” (length of day). It is calibrated along a diagonal from left to right from 8 to 16 by ones.

Zodiacal symbols are around the edges of the top. Below the zodiac is a vertical dial labeled from VI to XII to VI in Gothic-style Roman numerals.

A sun face is at the center, small decorative stamps are along the top, and two engravings of a comet or meteor are near the hinge.

A string gnomon connects leaves 1b and 2a. Leaf 2a contains a horizontal dial for an approximate latitude of 48-49 degrees.

The dial is calibrated from 4 to 12 to 8 by units with asterisks at the half-hour points. An inset compass with glass and needle is labeled with abbreviations of the four Latin directions. Near “OCCI” is a fleur de lis.

The compass is offset for variation at approximately five degrees east and twenty degrees west.

Below the compass and hour dial is a pin gnomon dial for Babylonian hours (calibrated 1 to 14 in red) and Italian hours (calibrated 10 to 23 in black).

A mark below this reads: LEONHART MILLER 1652 This Ivory sundial Leonhart Miller is in good condition.

Ivory diptych sundial  Miller Leonhart Museum Piece are difficult to find in the market

Sundial for Private collector or Museum acquisition

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