Reflecting Telescope from 18th Century signed “Paris”

A rare 18th Century gilt brass reflecting telescope, signed on the back plate Paris à Paris.
Long green leather covered body tube, primary and secondary speculum mirrors, screw-rod focusing, supported by two butterfly-wing nuts on the alt-azimuth mounting, with friction tightening screw, the baluster turned central pilar on a tripod stand.


Reflecting Telescope from 18th Century signed “Paris”. This rare piece date of construction is the year 1740. Material is gilt brass. On the backplate, it features the sign “Paris”. Firstly, if we take a closer look, its characteristic long green leather-covered body tube stands out. On the other hand, a primary speculum mirror is located at the lower end.

Following the exact construction of Newton’s invention, a small plane mirror has an angle of 45° bringing the focus to the side of the telescope tube. In this telescope, the primary and secondary speculum mirrors use a screw-rod type of focusing, supported by two butterfly-wing nuts on the alt-azimuth mounting. Also, we can see its great details like friction tightening screw and the baluster turned central pillar on the tripod stand. Newton’s telescope used metal grounded with spherical estructure as primary mirror and a small diagonal mirror in an optical placement called the Newtonian telescope.

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