The french word for a sundial, cadran, derives from the word “quadrant” meaning a “quarter of a circle”. One quarter circle is enought for measuring the elevation of the Sun or a star above the horizon;and it was a simple instrument of this type which was originally used. By extension, the word cadran was applied much later to all instruments showing time.

As a result of elementary observation and deduction, the shadow cast by an object was soon substituted for the direct observation of the Sun.

The infinite number of possible arrangements has given rise to numerous varieties of altitude sundial;either gnoms of the most unexpected kind were used, or else the shadow was cast on various surfaces-horizontal, vertical, or oblique planes, vertical, cylinders, spheres, or hollow hemispheres, etc.

In our collection of antique sundials  we have diferent  models of sundials, portable sundials, pocket portable sundials, canon sundial, pastor sundial, horizontal sundials, type Butterfield, silver sundials, brass sundials, ivory sundial, sundials of Dieppe, …

They are charming trifles, sometimes as delightful as precious jewels.

You can find exceptional sundials models of the 17th century to early 19th.

We have models of the most important makers of sundials, Butterfield a Paris, Bloud, Macquart , Nicolas Bion, Dollond, Leonhart Miller, Andreas Vogler, Langlois,  Schrettegger, Karner, Johan Martin, Culpeper, Chevalier…

If you are looking for some sundial  or sundial model specifically in particular, please contact us, we work on commission for private clients and institutions, museums …


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