Library celestial globe Delamarche Rue Serpente Paris

Library celestial globe Delamarche  25 Rue Serpente Paris. Globe mounted on tripode mahogany foot. Meridien circle in brass. Equatorial circle with papier colored , with months and zodiacal [...]

Newton Pocket globe cased dated Jan 1817.Museum piece.

John Newton Pocket Globe. A Unique Tribute to a Navigator's Legacy. For private collectors and Museums.

Rare Navigation traverse board

Maritime navigation instrument name Navigator's traverse board.

Large Binocular compound Microscope Baker or Ross

Interesting Large Binocular compound microscope possibly by Ross or Baker. Stand with Y shaped foot and strutted side plates forming trunnions that hold the heavy limb. Incorporated in the limb [...]

Rare Travel Reflecting Telescope signed Passemant Au Louvre

Rare travel reflecting telescope signed Passemant au Louvre à Paris. Same model that Louvre Museum and Whipple Museum. Brass , black leather covered body. Focus by milled ring on barrel moving . [...]

Horizontal Achromatic Microscope Molteni

Horizontal Achromatic microscope Molteni An horizontal achromatic microscope is a type of microscope that uses lenses designed to minimize chromatic aberration, which is the distortion of an [...]

Miniature Terrestrial Globe signed Lebégue

Interesting miniature terrestrial globe with iron foot signed Lebégue.

French Hourglass 18th Century

Very beautiful stylized  18th Century iron Hour-sandglass An hourglass, also known as a sand timer or sandglass, is a device used for measuring a fixed amount of time. It consists of two glass [...]

Very Large Coumpound Microscope

Very Large Compound microscope attribuable to  Radiguet. Base mounted on two Columns . Focusing by scrolling .

Amputation and trepanning set By Charriere

Rare Amputation and trepanning set signed Charrière in Paris. Three parts in the set. Amputation, Trepanning and tourniquet small saw and cautery instruments.